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Another layout that I find very valuable to use is a week view that is similar to the Day/Agenda view.

This new week view layout has the Agenda format, but contains 7 days worth of agenda data in one view. Swiping the screen from side to side would change the view to the previous or next week depending on your gesture.

Finger scrolling up or down allows you to view what ever days of the week you want to look at within that 7 day/week period.

Another style which seems to be very popular is having 7 columns. One for each day of the week. (Some programs let the user specify how many days of the week they want to show... e.g. 4, 5, 6, or 7). And down the left had side of the layout is each hour of the day labeled with the hour and AM/PM every so many places. Inside the layout there are the full day events at the top, And the hourly graphs of events going down the screen. Multi day events are graphed as one banner and not multiple ones, across the appropriate days.