Release Notes for iRT Calendar and Pro Key, v1.4.715

This is a list of release notes from v 1.0.0 to v 1.4.715. New release notes will be tracked as new blog posts.

v 1.4.715

  • (Pro) Support float for repeating events
  • Week view, add event counter
  • Month view, add event counter
  • Day/Search Context menu, replace 'Move to Next Day' with Move

v 1.4.714

  • Change next event indicator with red pointer icon instead of orange event title
  • Next event time and location color is set to orange instead of title
  • Current event time and location color is set to green instead of title
  • Add zero as an option for Duration of new events preference
  • Display alarm icon for events with reminder of zero min/hr/day/week
  • Bug fix, All day event set as current or next event for next day
  • Exclude completed events as next event
  • set new event start time to nearest next hour
  • Standardize recurring and alarm icons

v 1.4.713

  • Bug fix, Delete and (Pro) Custom Repeat not working for Android 1.6 to 2.1

v 1.4.712

  • Add basketball, Christmas tree, TV and skiing icons
  • Add Delete on Day view context menu (long press on any event)
  • Fix internal DB access warnings for Android 2.2

v 1.4.711

  • (Pro) Add Gold font color option
  • Bug fix, Month view force closes on some months

v 1.4.710

  • Add 'All Day' edit date offset. For some phones like HTC Droid Incredible, set System Preferences -> All day edit offset to +1
  • Add Release Notes pop-up for every iRT Calendar version upgrade
  • Turn OFF soft keyboard auto pop-up on some views

v 1.4.709

  • Add 4 icons -- 3 color circles and volleyball
  • Bug fix, missing events for long events that cross years
  • Bug fix, Week View event appearing one week late for "All Day" events
  • Bug fix, Month View event disappearing when scheduled after a "Long Day" event

v 1.4.708

  • Change Default View Opener Widget icon
  • (Pro) Allow future floating events
  • (Pro) Bug fix, Custom Repeat unable to set End On date
  • (Pro) Bug fix, All Day event wrong date on Extra Edits and Custom Repeat
  • (Pro) Bug fix, Custom Repeat wrong description
  • (Pro) Set event Begin Date as default for Custom Repeat End On date

v 1.4.707

  • (Pro) Bug fix, custom repeat monthly last days calc
  • (Pro) Bug fix, disable float for recurring events

v 1.4.706

  • (Pro) Bug fix, error when selecting weekly custom repeat

v 1.4.705

  • Add support for Pro version upgrade!!! In Day view, long press on any event, tap on Extra Edits
  • Enhance Synchronize icons to recover disappearing event icons

v 1.4.704

  • Add iRT Calendar default view opener widget
  • Remove iRT Calendar shortcut ability to open default view
  • Bug fix, application opens by itself

v 1.4.703

  • Bug fix, iRT Calendar wakes up at midnight
  • Bug fix, application opens by itself

v 1.4.702

  • Bug fix, select calendar force close on Android 1.6

v 1.4.701

  • Add support for Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • Prepare for Pro version upgrade

v 1.4.7

  • Add ISO 8601 week number on day/week views
  • Bug fix, week/month views new event double view problem

v 1.4.6

  • Add Start day preference for all views
  • Add 'Default view at startup' preference -day/week/month
  • Add time format preference
  • Goto view - center numbers and highlight only the selected day
  • Week view - increase icon size for 320x480 screens on font size greater than 12

v 1.4.5 

  • Add week view start day preference
  • Prepare for Pro version compatibility

v 1.4.4

  • Add font size preference on week/month views
  • Add auto font size calculation for month/week views

v 1.4.3

  • Add new icons - painter's palette, diamond, sold sign, baseball
  • Bug fix, zero events on day view for some phones
  • Fine-tune touch response on month and week views

v 1.4.2

  • Add support for HTC Legend

v 1.4.1

  • Make Admin Database view scrollable
  • Calculate correct screen size when app is opened in landscape mode
  • Add screen size preference for better touch response on week and month views

v 1.3.9

  • Later generation Droid week/month view compatibility
  • Bug fix, widget null reminder
  • Bug fix, Android 1.6 duplicate event error
  • Bug fix, Search Parameters date locale

v 1.3.6

  • Fine-tune week and month views touch response
  • Bug fix, Android 1.6 duplicate event error

v 1.3.4

  • Support for Android 1.6

v 1.3.3

  • Bug fix, All Day events for GMT +000 and GMT +nnn -- All Day events were advanced one day and month view sometimes get blank dates

v 1.3.2

  • Improve 'duplicate' and 'move to today/next day' functions
  • Bug fix, synchronize icons

v 1.3.1

  • Speed up initial opening of day view
  • Add new icons -- animals, fish, flower, race car, wine glass, museum, football
  • Update month view help message

v 1.3.0 

  • Remove gray bar from week and month view for Nexus One and later generation Motorola Droid
  • Make GoTo view scrollable making buttons accessible on Nexus One and Landscape mode

v 1.2.9

  • Add preference to show/hide next 'all day' events
  • Fine-tune Search All to keep CPU utilization to a minimum

v 1.2.8

  • Month view fine-tune vertical/horizontal swipe response
  • Adjust midnight cut-off to 11:59.59 PM
  • Bug fixes, month and week views

v 1.2.5

  • Add Exception Handler to prompt users to email us error reports generated by the system
  • Bug fixes, bugs reported by users through the exception handler

v 1.2.1

  • Add search scope preference
  • Add 'Go To' day view always preference
  • Adjust yellow highlight on week/month view

v 1.2.0

  • Add Month view display modes - icon, title, or both (screen shot)
  • Add highlight month selection on week view
  • Fine-tune month view swipe behavior

v 1.1.9

  • Add Month view
  • Bug fix, week view on long days

v 1.1.8

  • Speed up response time
  • Optimize data access
  • Fine-tune cache

v 1.1.6

  • Add Week view
  • Bug fixes and  cache optimization
  • Enhance week view tap behavior

v 1.1.0

  • Add caching mechanism
  • Add event move to next/today function
  • Add duplicate event function
  • Add progress indicator on day view title
  • Add search ON/OFF for saved searches
  • Add 'Go to day' for search result events
  • Bug fixes and cache optimization

v 1.0.0

  • Multiple calendar support
  • Event icons
  • Quick goto
  • Advanced saved search
  • Quick search All
  • Configurable view style
  • Time from now
  • Current/Next event indicator
  • Multiple backup on SD card
  • Next event widget